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Our investors

Our investors are some of the most credible global investors and astute financial institutions in the world. 

Founders and management.

Specialist African infrastructure investor with US$1.9 billion assets under management.

Pan-African private equity firm that has raised over US$2 billion for deployment.

Dutch development bank, and one of the largest in the world with a total asset valuation of US$9.67 billion.

Sovereign wealth fund established by the Government of Singapore with around US$100 billion of assets under management in over 40 countries worldwide.

One of the world's largest financial institutions globally with a market capitalization of around US$81.5 billion.

A division of the World Bank — the world's largest global development institution — which delivered more than US$23 billion in long-term financing in 2018.

One of South Africa's largest banking groups with over £50 billion of assets under management.

Sovereign wealth fund for Korea with around US$122 billion assets under management.

French long-term investor with a market capitalization of around US$6 billion.