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IHS Launches Vendor Upskill Pilot Programme

27 April 2017: IHS Holding Limited (“IHS”), the largest mobile telecommunications infrastructure provider in Africa, Europe and the Middle East, announces the launch of a bespoke vendor upskill pilot programme to support the development of its local suppliers in Nigeria.

The programme seeks to help local businesses improve service levels, as well as operations and deployment capabilities, to ensure that they all abide by international best practices. The objective is to assist strategic partners manage growth and improve their internal processes through a gap identification process which is focused on their operations, finance and human resources functions.

For Phase One of the programme, IHS partnered with a Lagos-based consultant to design customised programmes for each vendor. In addition, joint workshops were conducted by the consultant and IHS to deliver training on topics including project implementation, operations and maintenance processes and billing procedures. Phase One lasted six months and resulted in a detailed action plan for each vendor with periodic audits planned to ensure all suppliers continue to meet agreed key performance indicators.

This upskill project is a testament to IHS’ commitment to investing in the development of the Nigerian telecoms sector. In Phase One, over 11,700 Nigerians, directly and indirectly employed by IHS Nigeria’s vendors, benefitted from the programme by improving their operations management and streamlining their finance and human resource processes.

Issam Darwish, the Executive Vice Chairman and Group CEO of IHS, said:

“I’m delighted to announce the launch of this programme as it is through these types of initiatives that we continue to enable local engineers and entrepreneurs to reach their own professional goals. The skills learned and knowledge gained from the programme will better equip participants to improve the efficiency of their operations and grow their businesses. We also believe these new skills will also ultimately translate into a stronger local business ecosystem and enhanced quality of service for our customers.”

The programme is currently in Phase Two which is focused on continuous operational engagement with vendor teams to address any day-to-day operational challenges. Phase Three of the programme will deploy additional refresher courses as needed and will see the programme expand to include additional suppliers. IHS employs close to 40,000 people directly and indirectly throughout Africa via its subcontractors.


About IHS Holding Limited

IHS is the largest independent tower operator in Africa, Europe and Middle East, with over 23,300 towers. Founded in 2001, IHS Group provides services across the full tower value chain – colocation on owned towers, deployment and managed services. IHS Group continues to grow and develop its business with leading market positions in Nigeria, Cameroon, Côte d’Ivoire, Zambia and Rwanda and has also recently led in-market consolidation in Africa through its acquisition of Helios Towers Nigeria in early 2016.

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