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Procurement & Supply Chain

IHS Towers strives to identify and develop suppliers who will be able to support our business operations. Our goal is to obtain quality products and services, that represent best value. 

Suppliers and IHS Towers

IHS Towers works with suppliers who understand our business, culture and expectations, make and meet commitments, and help us to identify and implement the best possible solutions.

As we operate in a competitive and fast-paced environment, we expect our suppliers to be proactive in responding to changing conditions.

Our supplier qualification process is based on suppliers' ability to comply and align with our standards in terms of compliance, working conditions, health, safety and security, anti-bribery and anti-corruption, business governance, financial stability and technical capability.

Sustainable and Responsible Sourcing

We aim to select those who share our values and our ethical commitments. IHS Towers Vendor Code of Conduct articulates the ethical, social, environmental standards we apply to ourselves and expect all of our suppliers to adhere to.

View Vendor Code of Conduct in English and French

Doing Business with IHS Towers

Suppliers with an interest in working with IHS Towers can submit information for entry to the IHS Supply Gateway database. This enables IHS Towers Procurement teams to access information about potential suppliers, their capabilities, product/service descriptions and their contact information.

If these details are of interest, a member of the IHS Towers Procurement team may contact you to explore potential opportunities.

Please note that we source products and services in a competitive marketplace. Submission of your details into the IHS Towers Supply Gateway database does not commit IHS Towers to a potential  award of business or invitation to a sourcing process, nor does it mean qualification of your company as an IHS Towers-approved supplier, or any other obligation.

By sending us your company information and details, you consent to the processing of your personal data for contractor/vendor selection purposes, as set out within our privacy notice.

Register for the IHS Supplier Gateway here.