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Six business models to suit you

IHS provides a wide range of services across Africa – see all the ways we help our customers.


Colocation is the sale of space and services on a tower to a mobile services provider. These customers could be a mobile network operator, an internet service provider, security function or private corporation needing point-to-point secure communications.


Where colocation is not an option, our team of Site Development Project Managers handles every step of the project to build a site specific to the operator's requirements.

We do everything: site analysis (land surveys, environmental site assessment, geo-technical analysis, zoning and permitting); site acquisition; permitting and legal due diligence; site development; construction management; and equipment installation.


We buy a network operator’s towers (and related assets) and lease space back to them. This frees up their capital, allows them to expand their network quickly and for less cost, and they know they’re getting best-in-class service and up-to-date practice. We then have sites that we can share with other customers on a colocation model

Managed with Licence to Lease

We manage sites owned by network operators, with the authority to lease out space on the tower and manage shared resources. The site owner reduces their operating costs, eliminates capital expenditure and frees up management time.

Managed Services

We offer a full suite of services to manage any site, which we can tailor to our customers' specific needs. We monitor and manage the use of fuel and other energy, and we run and optimise sharing infrastructure with others – all with the aim of reducing operating costs and capital expenditure.

Inbuilding Solutions

We offer connected solutions for large buildings and offices such as hotels, offices or shopping malls, which require more robust mobile services. This is an efficient and discreet way of creating better coverage for operators, and is also known as a Distributed Antenna System (DAS).