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Working at IHS Towers

Dedicated and brilliant professionals throughout the emerging markets can enjoy careers at IHS Towers. See how we take care of you, and why we'll take your career further, faster.


The strength of IHS comes from its people.

Our recruitment procedures are extremely rigorous. And once here, everyone goes through a bespoke, high-quality and constantly evolving training program. Our teams are award-winning, and we work with market leaders across the globe to make working at IHS Towers an exciting and unique opportunity. 

The development and progression of our staff is second to none. We pride ourselves on our diversity, our stimulating staff initiatives and our comprehensive sustainability program.

Code of Conduct

Our staff act with honesty, integrity, impartiality and objectivity at all times.  

We don’t just encourage these qualities – we have processes in place to actively help everyone display them. We work in a safe and proper manner, respect our own health and safety, and that of our colleagues, customers and the public.  

We have high standards, and our unique Code of Conduct always pushes us to do better. It drives what we do at IHS Towers, and helps enhance what we offer our customers, as well as ultimately the lives of those our company affects.

The word ‘team’ gets overused in business. But it really means something at IHS. The company’s future – and mine – depends on cohesiveness, unity and determination. I really enjoy working in such a diverse office, where we all know we’re helping to create the future of telecoms in Africa.

I’ve been at IHS for over six years, during which my career has come on in leaps and bounds. I started as a trainee project coordinator, and today I’m a regional operations manager for Lagos. As a company, IHS is transparent, goal-oriented and fast-moving. As we’ve acquired towers, I’ve been able to expand my role and develop a team. IHS has allowed me to pursue new opportunities, and I feel I’m recognized and rewarded for my hard work – which pushes me to do even more.

Linda Okenwa, Lagos Regional Operations Manager

Linda Okenwa, Lagos Regional Operations Manager