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IHS Rwanda Brief Overview

IHS Rwanda Ltd started operating in December 2013. We subsequently acquired the tower assets of MTN Rwandacell Ltd, and purchased the entire shareholding of Rwanda Towers Ltd (formerly a subsidiary of Airtel Rwanda Ltd). These transactions mean that IHS Rwanda Ltd now owns and operates the majority of telecom towers in Rwanda. 

Headquartered in Kigali, IHS Rwanda has regional offices in Nyanza, Rwamagana and Rubavu.

In order to continually maintain and improve network quality and efficiency, IHS has invested in state-of-the-art network monitoring and power systems for our sites in Rwanda.

Key CSR Projects

IHS Rwanda partners with the Imbuto Foundation, run by the republic’s First Lady, supporting over a hundred disadvantaged students (mainly orphans and those from child-headed households) with scholarships. In March 2016, alongside the IFC, IHS Rwanda co-sponsored Rwanda's first Global Women's Summit. The theme was "Towards Vision 2020, Women Leading Innovative Transformation" and aimed to strengthen women and their families through education, empowerment and entrepreneurship in order to eradicate illiteracy, poverty and hunger.

In December 2016, the IHS Rwanda team connected the Humure Health Centre to our local tower site (just 10 metres away) to ensure that the clinic had access to a consistent power supply. The clinic is in Rwanda’s Eastern province and provides a vital service to around 32,000 patients a year. Our field engineers carried out the work as part of our focus on local community building. The Rwanda team has also launched its Generator Recycling Programme which sees the donation of refurbished generators to local hospitals, schools and orphanages most in need.

Managing Director

Frederic Sohier

Office Address

IHS Rwanda Limited

Ground floor of M&M Plaza

KG 8 Avenue 6

P.O. Box 3616

Kigali, Rwanda

+250 7 88316394