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Engineering excellence means constant innovation

IHS is dedicated to engineering excellence. We know that we must innovate to secure our future.

Securing a prosperous and sustainable future

In an increasingly competitive market, mobile network operators need superior products, attractive pricing and compelling marketing campaigns. But above all, they need efficient and reliable networks and the trust of the public if they are to stay in business. At the same time they must manage the costs and logistics of operating towers. This means innovating, realising value, reducing costs and securing energy supply.

With that in mind, we’re doing three things. We're focusing on the long term, which includes helping operators to roll out 3G, 4G and 5G when and where possible. We're delivering real, practical solutions to suit the particular challenges of the emerging markets. And we’re reducing our impact on the environment.

Green Energy

Throughout emerging markets, the telecommunications industry faces one major energy challenge; the heavy reliance on diesel consumption which results in unreliable electricity grids to power its towers. We view this as an opportunity to design innovative green energy initiatives and diesel reduction strategies.

As consumer behaviour changes, so must we. Network operators must gain the trust of the public. That means sustainability, and it also means a secure network. As a result, IHS has developed alternative sources of power to guarantee market leading network uptime.

Exceptional Engineering

Sometimes you have to adapt to the circumstances on the ground. There may be particular problems posed by a lack of resources, the landscape, or specific climatic challenges. Our engineers excel at creating robust, best-in-class solutions – whatever the problem.

IHS has two state-of-the-art Network Operating Centres (NOCs), in Lagos and Abuja. They are the brains of the network, and there’s nothing like them anywhere else in the world's emerging markets. They provide a comprehensive range of professional tower management services to network operators. They save money and add value, by turning every base station and tower into its own profit-and-loss centre.

The system includes integrated green power management; preventative and corrective maintenance of all devices and procedures onsite; and an innovative approach to customer service management. Our NOCs minimise site downtime, and enable us to be more efficient, enhancing our regional service delivery and competitiveness.