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Vision and Growing Presence

15 years' experience and a track record of success throughout the value chain

IHS's route to further expansion

Existing market expansion

  • IHS continually assesses opportunities in its existing markets to identify where our operations can be strengthened.
  • Strong organic growth driven by 3G and 4G roll-out, new spectrum auctions and new coverage and capacity requirements.

Identifying new markets

  • Geographic expansion in promising new markets.
  • IHS is ideally poised to leverage its skills and technology strengths in order to expand throughout EMEA.
  • Focus on markets with strong fundamentals and opportunities to partner with leading MNOs.

Pursuing relationships with multi-jurisdiction Mobile Network Operator’s

  • We work with our partners to look for new avenues of cooperation.
  • We provide value-added services that help our customers accelerate roll-outs and optimize their networks.